Upper Liffey Valley 2A

Client: Irish Water (Roadbridge)

Completion Date: 2020

Contract Value: €1,500,000.00

Project Overview: 

Irish Water is advancing the Upper Liffey Valley Sewerage Scheme, which comprises of a number of different Contracts to upgrade various aspects of the wastewater collection network and waste water treatment facilities in the Upper Liffey Valley catchment.

The purpose of this Contract was to provide a new sewer (including rising mains and gravity sewers) between Kilbelin in Newbridge to the Osberstown Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP) in Naas, including construction of three new pumping stations at Kilbelin, Littleconnell and Newhall.

Scope of Work: 

Full design involvement including drawings, design risk assessments, site investigations, HAZOP meetings, creation of control philosophy and FDS, lift plan.

Pumping station installation and subsequent full testing including production of RAMS, testing programmes, training to operatives and initial 12 Month operation of the stations including monthly reporting and emergency response.

The works included the design, supply, installation, maintenance and operation of the following equipment:

  • 3 No. Foul Pumping Stations:
    • Newhall, Duty/standby Xylem Submersible Pumps (492 l/s @ 13.9m) (90kW)
    • Littleconnell, Duty/standby Xylem Submersible Pumps (297 l/s @ 16.1m) (75kW)
    • Kilbelin, Duty/standby Xylem Submersible Pumps (215 l/s @ 8.5m) (23kW)
  • Each pumping station fitted out with the below:
    • Storm Tank Cleaning Mixing Pump (55kW) c/w Flyjet Pipe Work
    • 950mm / 1050mm Inlet Isolation Penstocks
    • 150m – 700mm dia Pipework, Isolation Valves & Check Valves
    • Pressure Gauges
    • Magflow Flowmeters
    • Ultrasonic & Backup Float Level Measurement
    • Wash water Kiosk c/w Hose Reel
    • Fixed 2 Tonne Lifting Gantry Portable 1 Tonne Lifting Davit Arm
    • MCC Equipment, connected to Telemetry
    • MCC Control Kiosk
    • 300mm – 650mm control Actuated Penstocks
    • Mono Discreen Overflow Screens
    • Wall Mounted 24V, 110V & 400V Power Sockets
    • Isolator Kiosk c/w Pump and Overflow Screen Isolators.
    • Standby Generators (55kVa – 165 kVa)
    • Building services including CCTV & Fire Alarms