Wastewater Treatment

The treatment of wastewater has been a fundamental part of FM Environmental’s product offering since the Company’s inception. From the treatment of sewage from a domestic household to a full wastewater recycling plant for a town or factory, FM Environmental has constantly evolved its products and services to embrace the latest technologies in wastewater management.

Private or Public Sector Wastewater Treatment

FM Environmental provides a vast range of treatment options for municipal sewage treatment. The Biosam range of submerged aerated media systems cater for housing and commercial developments with its modular design while Mobile options suit quick-build installations and export markets. The MBR range of treatment systems incorporate advanced membrane technology for higher discharge consent standards and environmentally sensitive applications and can also be packaged for easy export to overseas markets.

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Industrial Wastewater Treatment

With effluent discharge costs rising the demand for higher treatment of industrial wastewaters is growing. FM Environmental provides cost-saving treatment solutions for a wide range of industrial wastewaters ranging from the meat and dairy industries to vegetable processing and agriculture. The Company’s range of membrane bioreactor systems can extend to most biologically treatable wastewaters offering enhanced treatment options and shorter returns on investment for customers.

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Recycling of Wastewaters for Re-use

In the Mediterranean, Middle Eastern and North African markets the Company has helped pioneer sustainable recycling alternatives to the more traditional treatment options providing affordable second class water for a wide range of industries. As water becomes a more valuable resource the drive to find sustainable options to match the global water demand has forced companies around the world to pursue more advanced treatment technologies. Recyling of wastewater for reuse in the hotel and leisure industry, agriculture, or even in municipal applications is core to FM Environmental’s research and development drive.

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