Fermoy Pumping Stations

Client: OPW Ireland (Lagan Construction)

Completion Date: 2015

Contract Value: €1,100,000.00

Project Overview: 

The town of Fermoy lies on the banks of the Munster Blackwater River in the south west of Ireland. Severe flooding causing significant damage has been experienced on a number of occasions during the last 100-Years. The overall objective of this project was the development of a flood alleviation scheme for the protection of the town of Fermoy for a theoretical 1/100 year return period event.

The project involved providing 4 new storm water pumping stations along the banks of the River Munster Blackwater ranging from 200 l/s to 453 l/s including controls, overflow screening, penstocks, generators and associated equipment.  FM Environmental Ltd was responsible for the M&E works involved in the project as detailed below.

FM Environmental Scope of Supply

Supply, installation, testing and commissioning of 4 No. Pumping Stations:

  • 16 No. Xylem Submersible Pumps ranging from 22kW to 60kW
  • Pipework, valves and fittings up to 700mm Diameter
  • MCC’s c/w PLC/HMI Housed in Weatherproof GRP Kiosks
  • 250mm – 1000mm Actuated Penstocks
  • 3 No. Sound Attenuated FG Wilson Generators (200 – 400 kVa)
  • 600 l/s Storm Overflow Hydrok MecMex Brush Screen
  • Site Instrumentation
  • Promenade Street Lighting