Munster Blackwater Flood Drainage

Client: BAM Ltd./Carillion Irish Enco

Completion Date: 01/10/2010

Contract Value: £450,000

Project Overview: The Munster Blackwater Flood Drainage Scheme was a major construction project undertaken by the Office of Public Works to relieve flooding in the towns of Fermoy and Mallow in County Cork. At both towns 2 No. triple pumping stations were constructed. The work on both projects included the design, supply and installation of all pumps, pipework and control equipment. At Mallow the three-pump stations operated on Duty/Assist/Assist. On Fermoy they were Duty/Assist/Standby

Flow rates at each of the sites:

Mallow South:   3 No. Grundfos pumps rated at 159 l/s (477 l/s peak flow)
Mallow West:   3 no. Grundfos pumps rated at 243 l/s each (729 l/s peak flow)
Fermoy West:   3 No. Flygt pumps rated at 213 l/s each (429 l/s peak flow)
Fermoy Rathealy:   3 No. Flygt pumps rated at 225 l/s each (449 l/s peak)

Scope of Work: Each scheme consisted of 2 No. triple pump stations (Flygt and Grundfos) complete with 300-450 mm diameter pipework and valves, MCCs and ultrasonic control equipment.