Holywood C Waste Water Pumping Station

Client: NI Water (Geda Construction)

Completion Date: 2017

Project Overview: 

The Holywood Sewers Scheme involved a major programme of sewer laying, tunnelling work and the construction of a pumping station (10m Diameter X 12m Deep) with the aim to alleviate residents’ complaints of the sewage odour in and around Holywood, Co. Down.

The new pumping station was divided into two compartments, storm and foul capable of delivering flows of 220 l/s and 860 l/s respectively.  FM Environmental Ltd were responsible for the M&E works involved in the project as detailed below.

FM Environmental Scope of Supply

Key M&E Equipment Supplied, Installed & Commissioned:

  • 4 No. 22kW Foul Xylem Submersible Pumps (220 l/s)
  • 4 No. 37kW Storm Xylem Submersible Pumps (860 l/s)
  • Local Isolation Stations
  • EN 598 Delivery Pipework (DN400 / DN700)
  • DN400 / DN 700 Gate Valves & Non Return Valves
  • DN400 / DN 700 Flowmeters (M-Cert)
  • Actuated Penstocks (1200mm * 1200mm)
  • 2 No.316 St. St. Hydrok Peak Screens each capable of dealing with 860 l/s
  • Washwater Booster System
  • 5T @ 10m Pillar Jib Crane
  • NIW SS200E Form 4 Control Panel c/w & Telemetry Integration (SS200E & SS232E)
  • GRP Control Kiosk (7m Long)
  • Ultrasonic Level Controls
  • Site Lighting & Chamber Lighting