Knightsbrook Hotel Foul Drainage

Client: Cusack Homes

Completion Date: 1996

Contract Value: £56,0000 excl. civil works

Project Overview: Design supply and construction of a 10m deep precast concrete foul water pumping station with 24 hours overflow storage, representing one of FM Environmentals' deepest turnkey installations.

FM Environmental was engaged by Consulting Engineers, Erneview Consultants to design, tender and build a pumping station that could provide 24 hours emergency storage to serve the newly constructed hotel in Trim, ireland. This project faced the additional challenge of having an invert level four and half meters below finished ground, whilst not allowing the wastewaters to return back up the rising main.

Delivered in partnership with a civil works main contractor, The dig required a 10 metre excavation, however using precast concrete pump chambers, the project was completed on time and on budget with minimal problems for the main contractor. With a strong focus on Health & Safety, the project was delivered to the client within an 9 week period from date of contract award.

Our scope of supply is highlighted within the attached drawing.

Scope of Work: The scheme consisted of submersible pumps (duty/standby) capable of delivery flows of 12 litres/second, 10m precast pump chamber, precast concrete overflow tank, internal pipework and guiderails, external valves arrangements, control panel with ammeters, hours run meters, telemetry, high level alarm, GRP Kiosk. Access covers complete with anti-fall arrest system. lifting equipment.

FM Environmental successfully services this pumping station to this day.