Hilton Hotel Malta Wastewater Solution

Client: Hilton Hotel Group

Completion Date: 01/07/2010

Contract Value: £250,000

Project Overview: Since the hotel’s construction in 1998 FM Environmental has been the preferred supplier of pumping and wastewater treatment equipment to the Malta Hilton. Initially designing and installing the underground basement treatment system FM Environmental has in recent years upgraded the treatment capacity of the plant to meet the hotel’s expansion plans. Incorporating submerged aerated filters, tertiary treatment and chlorination the final effluent is now recycled and used for toilet flushing in the hotel rooms and irrigation of the hotel grounds.

Flow: 100m3/day (peak flow of 12.5m3/h = 3DWF)
Organic loading: 30 KG BOD/day
Final effluent quality: BOD < 10mg/l. SS<10mg/l

Scope of Work: Six feeder pump stations, submerged aerated filter treatment system, duty-standy blowers, tertiary sand filtration, chlorination, flow measurement and sludge storage. There are also 14 no. Grease Guardian automatic grease removal units installed in all the kitchens and a large central grease removal unit installed in the basement.