Fane Valley Effluent Treatment Plant

Client: Fane Valley Dairies

Completion Date: February 2015

Contract Value: 

Project Overview: FM Environmental Ltd received a scope of works from Fane Valley and their Process Consultant, to supply and install a number of items of MEICA equipment, to provide extended volume to their existing Effluent Treatment Plant.

The output capacity from the Factory was expected to increase and therefore the capacity of the Effluent Treatment Plant had to increase accordingly.

The Process Design was carried out by Fane Valley and their Process Consultant.

All Civil Works were designed and supervised by Structural Design and Detailing Ltd

All Mechanical, Electrical and Instrumentation Supply and Installation were part of FM Environmental Ltd scope of works.

All Field Wiring, Switchgear and Control were carried out by Fane Valley and their Switchgear Partner, Fane Control Panels.

Scope of Work: Key M&E Equipment Supplied, Installed & Commissioned:

  • 90m3/hr Half Bridge Scraper, GRP Launder Channel, Scum Boards, V-Notch Weir
  • Aerzen 45kw Air Blowers
  • 316 Stainless Steel Aeration Pipe Manifold and Diffusers
  • Aquasystems  45kw Floating Aerator
  • Sludge Pumps, Re-circulation Pumps, Decant Pumps and Sludge Waste Pumps
  • Pipework & Valves
  • Dissolved Oxygen Instruments
  • MLSS Instruments
  • All Field cabling and containment