McDonalds Eastern Europe

Client: McDonalds Restaurants

Completion Date: 01/07/2012

Contract Value: £300,000+

Project Overview: FM Environmental Ltd have installed a Grease Guardian into almost every McDonalds in eastern European states including the Ukraine, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus, Romania and Estonia. For nearly 20 years McDonalds have selected the Grease Guardian as the best system for managing its grease waste. There are approximately 900 stores with Grease Guardians in Eastern Europe. The 50 McDonalds stores in Romania had been using passive traps but the need to regularly empty them manually resulted in the systems failing. The Grease Guardian was trialled and succeeded in solving the chain’s grease related issues. Now every store in Romania has a Grease Guardian.

Scope of Work: Grease Guardian models D1-D2 would be the unit size of choice for the McDonalds stores.