Dublin FOG Management Plan

Client: Dublin restaurants and hotels

Completion Date: 01/06/2010

Contract Value: £750,000

Project Overview: In 2008 a Fats, Oils and Grease (FOG) Management Plan was introduced to Dublin ordering all food operators to install approved automatic Grease Removal Units (GRUs). The units would be inspected four times per year and the store granted an operating license on the basis they conform to the requirements of the standard. Over 500 Grease Guardians have been installed into Dublin since the beginning of the scheme. Locations included Croke Park Stadium, the Guinness Brewery, the Central Bank and the National Gallery. FM Environmental Ltd has installed over two thousand Grease Guardians in Ireland. The use of GRUs is standard procedure in Ireland as the most reliable way of ensuring grease is managed effectively.

Scope of Work: Mostly Grease Guardians models D1-D3, including installation and commissioning. Many units were installed with sink strainers and sediment traps and provided with an annual service and maintenance plan. FM Environmental has since acquired a FOG Removal and Transport License to remove collected grease from premises in Dublin for recycling purposes.