Grease Guardian Paris

Client: Paris restaurants and hotels

Completion Date: 01/08/2011

Contract Value: £750,000+

Project Overview: Over 500 Grease Guardian grease removal units have been installed in the Paris area over the last decade handling huge volumes of grease waste every day. Locations like the Concorde Opera Hotel owned by the Louvre group have benefited from the inclusion of a Grease Guardian. The Concorde Hotel was awarded the Green Globe Certificate for sustainable management thanks to the inclusion of the Grease Guardian which removes 7-10 litres of grease a day from the hotels kitchen. With many of the kitchens in Paris in basement locations needing to pump up to ground level the inclusion of a Grease Guardian is essential in ensuring lift stations for each outlet are protected.

Scope of Work: FM Environmental has installed most sizes of Grease Guardian units in Paris. Most units are basement fitted and come complete with an up-front sediment trap for enhanced solids removal as well as a final effluent pump station to pump cleaned effluent to the receiving sewer.