Cranfield WWTW gets screening upgrade

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As part of its on-going framework with Northern Ireland Water FM Environmental completed an upgrade of the inlet screening works at Cranfield WWTW, Co. Down.

The works included the replacement of existing screens, macerators, dewatering and bagging units with two new Huber RO9 Microstrainer screens and and screw conveyors.

This ageing wastewater treatment works, which had served the local community in a tourism hotspot of South Down, Northern Ireland, required a major screening upgrade, to which FM Environmental responded efficiently, on budget and on time. The scope of works included the following:

Replacement and upgrade the existing two D Screens with two Huber Ro9 Microstrainers

The existing two Parkwood D Screens were upgraded with two Huber Ro9 Spiral Sieve Microstrainers and new Huber Control Panels to provide effective 6mm screening.

Removal of existing Macerators, Wash Water Pumps, Dewatering and Bagging Units.

The existing auxiliary conditioning equipment used by the Parkwood Screens were removed along with the removal of all supporting pipework and control gear.

Installation of new Huber Ro8 Screw Conveyor.

A new screw conveyor was installed to convey screens from both of the new Ro9 screens to the new skip and bogey.