Debut Outing For Mobile Screening Rig

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As part of its on-going Base Maintenance contract, FM Environmental debuted the innovative BP McKeefry mobile screening and grit removal unit for NI Water. The unit was used at Poyntzpass Waste Water Treatment Works (WWTW) to clean out rags and grit from a 270m3 aeration ditch.

The process involved taking the decant liquor from the aeration ditch to Tandragee WWTW and then tankering out the activated sludge. A Jet Vac was then used to remove rags, solids and silt from the tank recycling this through the mobile screening unit which has been specifically developed to de-rag and de-grit aeration tanks in the wastewater industry . Once cleaned, the activated sludge was then pumped back into the aeration tank all on the same day to ensure the treatment process down-time was minimised.

This was the first use of the BP Mckeefry mobile screening unit in Ireland and proved a great success both in speed, efficiency and continuity of the works. This operation also utilised the services of DS Environmental (Donegal) for their tankering services and operation of the mobile screening unit.