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Wastewater Treatment

MBR - Quality Eggs, Ireland
Completion date:
Contract Value:
Quality Eggs, Lisnaskea, Northern Ireland
Project Overview:

Quality Eggs is an egg processing factory in Lisnaskea Co. Fermanagh home to some 500,0000 chickens. Specialising in the production of egg-based produce the strong wastewater effluent required a high level of treatment prior to discharge to the adjacent river. Treatment of this industrial wastewater using membrane technology was the preferred option due to the sensitivity of the receiving river. The initial phase was to treat 35 m3/day which was expanded to cater for 100 m3/day two years later.

Flow: 100m3/day
Organic load: 168 KG BOD/day

Final effluent quality:
BOD: < 5mg/l
SS: < 5mg/l
Amm-N: < 5mg/1
Total-P: < 1 mg/l
Total-N: < 15mg/l

Scope Of Work:

Forward feed pumping station, balance tank (including mixer, duty/stand-by pumps) and fine screen, anoxic and biological tank, three parallel MBR tanks (incl. flat plate membranes), chemical dosing equipment and flow measurement.


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