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Case Studies
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  Newtownards Flood Relief scheme
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  Stormwater management options
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  Flood alleviation pumping stations
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Stormwater Management

Stormwater Flow Control

FM Environmental’s storm & floodwater management products provide sustainable and cost-effective solutions to everyday stormwater problems. In conjunction with its global manufacturing partners FM Environmental now offers stormwater options to suit most sizes of infrastructure projects or commercial/housing developments.

Stormwater attenuation
Infiltration blocks and tunnels provide stormwater storage in rural or urban areas whether it is a car park, a football ground or a residential housing development. While the infiltration blocks provide extreme load-bearing capability the tunnels equally provide space-saving storage capacity close to the surface. Both options are easy to install, low in maintenance and provide long-lasting storage capability.

Floodwater Alleviation Pumping Stations and Barriers

Please refer to the flood alleviation pumping references here

Channel, Weir  or Wall Mounted Flow Control Devices
FM Environmental and its manufacturer partners brings over 50 years of combined experience in the design and installation capabilities of the range of penstocks and stoplogs.

  • Manual or actuated operation
  • Rising or non-rising spindle
  • Head of water
  • On or off-seating pressure

FM Environmental can supply penstocks that are suitable for a wide variety of applications including high water heads, special mounting requirements (e.g. sidewall fixing) and curved invert sections to suit sewer locations.

Our penstocks are manufactured in stainless steel to BS EN 10088 designation 1.4404, formally known as 316L, which due to its Molybdenum content, provides, increased protection to corrosion (pitting & crevice cracking). All penstocks comply fully with the performance requirements of the British Standard for penstocks BS 7775, the American Standard AWWA C501 and the German Standard DIN 19569-4.

Why use FM Environmental flow control penstocks –

  • Simple and effective wall sealing, no need for arduous grouting operations
  • Standard sizes  • High performance sealing properties
  • Bespoke design where required size is non-standard
  • Experienced manufacture - see reference list

Rainwater Harvesting
With a growing emphasis on water preservation, recycling and reuse more domestic and commercial developments are installing systems to collect, store and reuse rainwater. FM Environmental’s evolvement from merely offering water and wastewater treatment options to now offering water and wastewater recycling solutions has seen its product portfolio expand to include rainwater harvesting systems.

The Company now provides a range of rainwater collection systems for domestic, commercial and industrial applications. Its modular tank design allows greater flexibilty and versatility while the Company’s engineering capability enables it to offer turnkey solutions for the most complex of commercial or industrial applications. Houses, schools, hotels and industry all can benefit from a customised rainwater harvesting solution providing savings on water bills while contributing to a more sustainable environment.

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